As Dimple

The most efficient staking liquidity protocol










How it works

1. Choose the Dimple strategy type

2. Delegate your assets to the secure Dimple Smart Contract

3. Dimple protocol efficiently manages your liquidity in a set of available pool token pairs

4. Claim rewards. Withdraw liquidity at any time

Liquidity Providers Strategies

swipe for all

~ 20 % APR

Stable Dimple

  • Stablecoins pools
  • Low-volatility pools
  • Complete hedge coverage
Coming soon

~ 100 % APR

Deep Dimple

  • Popular pools
  • Pools with huge TVL
  • Medium pools commissions
  • Optional deposit hedging
Coming soon

~ 500 % APR

Abysmal Dimple

  • New pools
  • Pools with average TVL size
  • High pools commissions
Coming soon


Q1 2023

Polish 'Stable Dimple' and 'Deep Dimple' strategies in Testnet

Testnet App

Q1-Q2 2023

Launch Dimple Protocol Beta on Mainnet Polygon or other L2 solution

Q2 2023

Launch Abysmal Dimple stratŠµgy and contracts audition

Q2-Q3 2024

Dimple token launch

Q3 2022

Decentralise Keepers - DAO introduction

Q4 2023 - Early 2024

Launch other Farming and Staking strategies. Dimple Order Book DEX based on Uniswap v3


Why Dimple?

Risks management matters! Dimple protocol has both on-chain and off-chain mechanisms to predict the price of assets. It gives us a huge advantage to know when, how, and where to manage your liquidity.

Hard to believe? Try it yourself in Polygon Mumbai Testnet right now!

Dimple protocol uses the security and trust of smart contracts. The user's liquidity is stored in on-chain vaults. The user and only the user can withdraw assets from the vault at any time.